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Guest Room

Wall beds - A great way to offer your guests a proper bed which can easily be hidden away when not in use.

What is a Wall Bed?

A wall bed is a fold away bed or a bed which can lift up on it's side against the wall. Usually a wall bed is just like a real bed with either a solid or slatted bed base which can take a proper mattress and therefore is as comfortable as a regular bed. A wall bed is usually hidden or concealed within a cabinet, unit or wardrobe so it can't be seen and when it is needed you can very easily pull down the bed. A wall bed can usually be left made up, ready to use, as most wall beds have bedding straps which go over the duvet & pillows which means the bed can be folded away with all of your bedding in place. Wall beds usually have a gas or spring mechanism which makes it very easy to lift and lower the bed. The original name for wall beds is Murphy beds and Wall beds are also known as Foldaway beds, Hidden beds, concealed beds, Space Saving Beds, Pull down beds and various other names.  

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Stowaway wall bed

Perfect guest bed solution. The Stowaway bed is a proper bed which can take a full depth mattress.

When not in use the bed simply folds away giving you the option to utilise the room for dual purposes such as a study room as well as a guest bedroom.

Available from Space Saving Beds.